2015 Conference Presentations

  • SA Daniel Garrabrant, FBI Atlantic City Resident Agency, NCAVC Coordinator, will provide a briefing on the behavioral indicators associated with past active shooter subjects
  • SA Scott Nawrocki, FBI Newark JTTF, WMD and Crisis Management Coordinator, will discuss crisis response planning, active shooter tabletop exercise planning/execution and initial response to suspicious mailings
  • SA Bomb Technician Christopher White, FBI Newark JTTF, will brief the threat of improvised explosives and hazardous devices as they relate to active shooter situations
  • SA W. Scott Owens & SA Edward Quinn, FBI Newark Crisis Negotiations Team, will discuss active listening skills and initial response to critical incidents
  • Detective Rudy Perez, LA School Police Dept., will discuss strategies, media and technology tools for implementing a response team to ensure they can proactively identify, investigate, and respond to all potential risks that would affect our educational environment.